USA: An untrustworthy country

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Untrustworthy means not to fulfill one’s commitments; and the U.S. systematically abuses the trust they are given by countries acting in good faith. They have lost all credibility whenever they promise or whatever they agree to do.


That is not surprising, because the governments of the United States never acted in good faith, since their unfulfilled deals with the Native Americans, when they were beginning to act as an independent country.


Now, Washington is complaining that China does not want to negotiate a nuclear arms control and limitation agreement, for which it had invited China to a meeting between Russia and the United States in Vienna, a week ago. A meeting called by the United States.


China does not want to waste its time; because they know very well that the United States has no capacity to fulfill the agreements it signs and is not a reliable partner. Recent history does not lie.


The United States unilaterally pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran and also from the INF deal with Russia, then last month it unilaterally withdrew from the Open Skies deal with Russia.


Washington appears to be deliberately trying to exacerbate tensions, and then later blame China for the lack of an agreement to relax them. Its purpose seems to be to force Russia and China to sign a trilateral agreement that reduces the advantage in military technology that both of these countries have taken away from them, wasting the gigantic military spending of the Pentagon.


China says that to begin to be serious about a deal on nuclear weapons, the deal must be concluded by all countries with nuclear weapons, including Israel.


What China does is the only way to deal with the United States administration, just not pay attention to them, because they already know that they negotiate by wordiness and pose. Subsequently, they neither act or comply.


That is what happens when the United States declares itself to be an exceptional country and nurtures the arrogance of believing itself above international laws and agreements, an attitude of a chosen people, of course.


How foolish did Ambassador Billings look in Vienna, seeming to be busy setting up tables, flags and chairs for a Chinese delegation that had long since said they would not come. It was that he obeyed the order to simulate hopeful insistence. A typical US pose where everything is nothing more than posing and appearance.


Almeria 06/28/2020

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