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Latin America in Movement online is a news service edited by the Latin American Information Agency -ALAI-, providing information, analysis and opinion on Latin America and the Caribbean as well as global issues.


As a news agency that shares the goal of integration among the countries and peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, ALAI pays particular attention to the socio-political dynamics of the region. With emphasis on the perspectives of social movements and citizens, it situates current events in their background and context. It also provides elements of reflection on the challenges of the times.


ALAI is able to do this thanks to our collaborators, who include leading analysts, thinkers, journalists, research centers, alternative media and news agencies, as well as social organizations and their leaders, among others.


ALAI’s communication practice aims at presenting the facts responsibly, but without claiming to be neutral or impartial. On the contrary, inserted in the context of social and political processes in Latin America and the Caribbean, we are committed to building societies that are democratic, equitable, diverse, just, and respectful of human rights, the environment and nature, together with peaceful coexistence among the nations of the world. We therefore avoid disseminating discriminatory and exclusionary content or language.


Latin America in Movement online seeks to promote debate and the respectful exchange of ideas and theories, as a means for people to form their own opinions and participate actively in the democratic life of their respective national and international spheres.


The content of signed articles and the opinions expressed are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of the website.


This site contains tens of thousands of documents covering a period of more than 22 years, categorized by topics and subtopics, country , language, author, date and tags, to facilitate search. As from 2021, the site is edited mainly from Argentina.


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ALAI also publishes the periodical Spanish language magazine of Latin American thinking and current affairs: América Latina en Movimiento and occasional books, available in digital format. A few editions are available in English.


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