A Russo-China Alliance is key to world peace

The United States is likely to try to avoid the rapprochement between China and Europe, because the US military occupation and European submission are the basis of its World Supremacy.

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International policy specialists know well that the United States is the greatest danger to world peace. To be concrete. The question is how aggressively the Deep State (financial / industrial mafia that rules there permanently) is willing to act to prevent the loss of World Supremacy.


Its world supremacy was acquired with the military conquest of Europe during the Second World War. Europe was and continues to be the largest industrial and scientific power and the market with the highest purchasing power in the world.


After the Battle of Kursk (July 1943), the greatest battle in history, there was nothing substantial that could prevent the advance of Russian troops to the Pyrenees. Of the enormous power of the Wehrmacht, only scattered fragments remained that could not stop the advance of the Russian army.


At Yalta, Roosevelt and Churchill fooled Stalin, convincing him to settle for half of what he could take in full.


The criminal bombing of Dresden, the most beautiful city of Baroque architecture and its totally civilian population that had been declared an open city, which means it was abandoned to the Russian army, whose troops were already a few kilometers away; the incessant Anglo-American bombardment with 3000 planes, for 3 days (250 thousand dead), seemingly had the purpose of demonstrating to Stalin the destructive power of the Anglo-American Air Supremacy; in case he was tempted to use Russia's undeniable Land Supremacy to free Paris first.


The Normandy landing was destined to reach Paris before the Russians; that explains why Von Rustedt refrained from using the 12 infantry divisions that he still had in reserve to repulse the Normandy landings. This to explain the little story behind America's sudden world supremacy.


NATO is nothing more than a name the military occupation of Europe by the United States and a way to make Europe pay for its foreign occupation charging it with a sort of annual tribute, by forcing it to spend 2% of its GDP on the purchase of weapons from the military-industrial complex of America. Essentially the US has kept a sort of a war economy going since Roosevelt used it as the Keynesian recipe for getting out of the Great Depression. The European landscape is already changing and with it changes the basis of American supremacy. The European Union is nothing more than the Political mask of NATO; but no matter how much Brussels tries, it cannot avoid the economic rapprochement between China and Europe; because it is a matter dictated by the Universal Law of gravitational attraction.


The United States has long ceased to be the market with the greatest purchasing power. The biggest markets now are Europe and China in that order. It is natural by the universal law of economic gravity that both economies attract each other. Beijing knows this.


For this reason, it develops the Giga-project of economic connection known as the Belt and Road Initiative or the New Silk Road. The new name is based on the same principle of the old Silk Road. Merchandise has value added in processing centers as the product advances towards its final destination. A unique feature that favors the economy of all countries that are crossed by this mega connection between China and Europe.


The United States is likely to try to avoid the rapprochement between China and Europe, because the US military occupation and European submission are the basis of its World Supremacy.


Hence the cultivation and enhancement by the media of the points of conflict between the United States and China, with the usual charlatanism about democracy and freedom in territories that belong to China: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, etc.


And the American elite of the Deep State, does have a cowboy mentality, because for 3 centuries they have wanted to fixed any disagreement with gunshots.


The US always apply the Law of the Jungle; the law of the strongest; they actually do that, while lecturing on human rights, high principles, morals and international equality or respect for international law. All of which it has been violating without pause since it exists as a country; but hypocrisy is part of the Puritan Calvinist creed, the creed that prevailed in the religious imaginary of the United States


No matter how strong they feel at the Pentagon, they know very well that due to their antiquated global projection strategy of air superiority commanding their very expensive aircraft carriers (17 billion per unit) they cannot prevail against the missilistic technical superiority of their adversaries. In case the US decides to attack, an alliance between China, Russia and let's say Iran; would deter them. I speak of Iran because the axis of American policy in the Near East is to protect Israel.


Neither Washington nor Tel Aviv are power crazy enough to start a war that they are going to lose. An alliance between those three countries would end all provocations that have a potential to become the spark that provokes the hot war that the United States would lose.


The Romans, a people that knew a few things about war, had a saying: Si vis pacem; para bellum. If you want peace prepare for war. For one you would win, of course.


Almeria 06/06/2021




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