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Magazine No. 542 - June 2019


Social justice in a digitalized world


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In our hyper-digitalised societies, it is urgent to define an agenda – with broad participation of social actors – to guarantee social justice in view of the impact of the digital corporate monopoly model.  This edition covers this global issue from various angles, including: data as commons, e-commerce, labour, education, gender and genetic manipulation, with contributions from participants of the Just Net Coalition.


Towards digital justice

Sally Burch


Global capital, digital monopolies and new forms of enclosure

Prabir Purkayastha


 Big tech seeks to cement digital colonialism through the WTO

Deborah James


Humanizing the digital justice debate

Gita Sen


The digitalization of work and its consequences for the Global South

Cédric Leterme


Digital public services

Kate Lappin


Digital technology in the education sector

Gurumurthy Kasinathan


From Terminator to Exterminator

Neth Daño, Jim Thomas y Tom Wakeford

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