The head of the WHO: another who spreads fear

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La vacuna rusa contra Covid-19
Foto: Sputnik News
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WHO’s Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus assured there is no certainty of an effective vaccine. He stated that the only way to stop more coronavirus outbreaks for now comes down to "the fundamentals of public health and disease control", that is, "test, isolate and treat patients, and trace and quarantine their contacts."  Ghebreyesus then specified that for people the most important thing is social distancing, wearing a mask, washing hands and being careful not to cough with others.


The Director General shared his concerns during a press conference on Monday.


The obvious aim of Mr. Ghebreyesus' statement is to discredit the invention of a vaccine whose effectiveness has been tested in Russia.


The Russian vaccine will be free for anyone living in Russia, starting in August, and will be exported at a low price to other countries.


The head of the WHO obviously supports the continued hijacking of freedoms and personal rights by governments. It is done to make people willing to rescue their rights and freedoms by allowing themselves to be vaccinated with expensive vaccines and of doubtful effectiveness such as the one that the giant pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has just announced, whose spokesperson has confirmed that his company does not accept legal action for any possible side effects caused by its Covid vaccine. Those affected will not have legal recourse.


AstraZeneca is one of 25 pharmaceutical companies worldwide that is already testing its Covid vaccines in humans, in preparation to inject hundreds of millions of people. These are fortune-making times for Britain's largest pharmaceutical company. This makes it clear why Mr. Ghebreyesus implicitly wants to discredit the effectiveness of the Russian vaccine and encourages the continuation of the hijacking of the rights and basic freedoms of citizens.


A glaring proof of his bad faith is that he failed to mention the evident success achieved by the Swedish government in its preventive technique, without depriving citizens of their freedoms.


Another symptom of the objective of the terrorist campaign by overinflating the dangers of COVID-19; which is carried out by manipulating the masses on the lethal dangers of a low mortality epidemic (5%of those affected). It seems that the return to freedom will be only for a few privileged people that can afford a pass.  The Clear facial identification firm is planning to issue a pass for its bearers to regain freedom of movement and a free face.


Clear's new Health Pass and other "Covid high-tech innovations" are a clear warning of how the globalist "New Normal" is being mapped out to work. Access to travel, sports, and restaurants may be prohibited for all who refuse to comply.


The pass was scheduled for May 2020. They are thinking of calling it Health Pass and it is an extension of the Clear mobile application. The service links data related to COVID-19, such as a health questionnaire and a temperature check to assess whether someone is healthy enough to enter a certain location. In addition, the application has the ability to link COVID-19 test results through partnerships with laboratories and, finally, a vaccination status. "In order to travel, the Condé Nast Traveler will be required to describe the latest technology using biometric identification. As can clearly be seen, the orchestration between the media and governments of corrupt politicians of a campaign of fear to subdue the population to the point of making them accept the suspension of basic rights and freedoms, had to have a major objective of enrichment for the all-time insiders. The appearance of a low cost Russian vaccine manufactured and tested in Russia, a country of long-standing and undeniable scientific research credentials; is terrible news for those who were thinking of the billions that a vaccine would generate if the entire world population were required to buy it. Humanity had to be scared or terrorized in order to force it to accept a risky vaccination. To subdue the entire world population and stop them from protesting, they first had to be deprived of their right to assembly and free circulation. The purpose of the official scary narrative was to make people submissive enough to accept no matter what in order to regain their hijacked freedoms, rights and customs that are necessary and essential to social community life.


Almeria 09/08/2020
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