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Why does Obama decide 8 days before what he could have decided 8 years ago?

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Each action should carry an analysis. If the action is carried out in the field of foreign policy the analysis should cover different aspects. It is very unlikely that an action in foreign policy has no impact on domestic policy.


Mr. Obama, eight days before finishing his term, modifies the policy of "dry feet" "wet feet," something he should have done eight years ago, when he undertook the Presidency of the United States. He has really been slow in this matter, as in others.


What are the consequences of maintaining the policy of "dry feet" "wet feet" for eight years?


According to the statistics of the United States Government's Coast Guard Service, during those eight years about 32,000 people were caught at sea, trying to reach the United States. More than 3,200 people did not reach the US coasts and died at sea. In the fiscal year 2015-2016 the Coast Guard reported having seized at sea 7,358 people from Cuba.


To this figure should be added those who entered illegally by land, mainly along the border with Mexico. This other figure is estimated at about 20,000 people.


In addition to this, a little more than 8,000 health professionals accepted the Plan that allowed them to enter the United States after leaving the mission entrusted to them.


As the policy aimed at stimulating these illegal entrances was that practically all those who could violate immigration controls and become "dry feet" were admitted to the US and were granted under the Cuban Adjustment Act --even if they did not fully qualify under it-- the Act cost approximately $680 million dollars annually to US taxpayers. In the eight years that Obama took to eliminate this policy, he spent just over $ 4 billion. Of course, they were not out of his pocket, but they should be added to everything spent on actions against the Cuban Revolution.


Now that Trump is arriving at the White House, this is another of Obama's maneuvers to leave the scene "hot" and provoke a measure beneficial to Cuba and even the United States, whether maintaining it is considered or not.


The Gestapo Mafia of Miami has already come out against the measure. They consider that it is one of the "favors" that Obama has made to Cuba; a little late, by the way. This removes an important element in their hostile arguments that is precisely to promote the illegal and disorderly emigration of those who "flee from communism". No matter that some of them die in the attempt: these can also be used for propaganda purposes.


Now the ball is on Trump’s court. Perhaps Obama, unwillingly, solved a problem for him.


Trump has spoken out against illegal immigration: remember the wall, the Muslims, and anyone trying to enter the United States without obtaining the corresponding visa? It does not seem logical that he will complicate something already solved; mainly because it was not his decision, it was Obama’s. This can help him in the analysis that he will make of all the Executive Orders: to leave this one and say that he will only cancel or modify those that harm the United States. This benefits them and is in accordance with the policy that he wishes to follow.


Let's wait and see what the unpredictable Trump decides.


January 3, 2017


A CubaNews translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann.


http://walterlippmann.com/why-does-obama-decide-8-days-before-wha\ t-he-could-have-decided-8-years-ago/ <http://walterlippmann.com/why-does-obama-decide-8-days-before-wh\ at-he-could-have-decided-8-years-ago/>




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