A political dawn in Europe

Most of us still want a united Europe, but one free of NATO, independent from the US.

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The media certainly influences perception in every issue, but regardless of disinformation, referendum results show that most common people have clear ideas. People know there is a greedy mafia who enriches itself at the expense of the suffering of hundreds of millions. People realize that while technology and globalization facilitate production and trade, the benefits are not shared with the producers, but used to increase unemployment, destabilize jobs and enrich the rich. People realize that public debt issued to keep bubbles in financial markets, diminish the value of salaries, pensions and tangible assets of the 99%. People realize that financial and investment deregulation increases corporate reach. People know that the 1% wants to privatize public services - like education and criminal justice- whose efficiency is matter of coverage, to make profit out of them. People know that all of those bad policies, can be irreversibly affirmed by internationally binding economic agreements.


That is the plan for European society under present European authorities and national governments. There is much rage against the betrayal by our traditional political parties and even our unions. The present European political class is mostly made up of inept opportunists who can be blackmailed by the media and foreign agents. That class can no longer be trusted with power.


Brexit and NATO


Today there is no such thing as right or left wing arguments. Right and left definitions are obsolete. The real arguments over Brexit were about invasion by immigrants, social economic concerns, and about Britain’s ability to control its own economy. They cross party lines. In the background there was something that most Europeans know: the immigrants are coming from North Africa and the Near East. Most Europeans are also aware that they are coming as a result of destructive NATO policies, decided by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.


The massive migration problem began in Libya, when Hillary Clinton pushed to destroy the stable and reliable government there. Then she proceeded to arm, with Libyan and US weapons, through Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the ISIS, Al-Nusra, and Al-Qaeda salafists. The idea was to terrorize the population and overthrow the governments of Syria and Iraq. When the Syrian government proved resilient, under the pretext of fighting ISIS, the US Air-force systematically attacked Syrian and Iraqi urban infrastructure, destroying electricity and water plants, schools, hospitals, food depots, in or out of the area supposedly occupied by ISIS. The population had to abandon their homes, their towns and many even their countries. Meanwhile ISIS, with US Made weapons and equipments, continued their advance, until the Russians demolished them. It is remarkable that US bombers avoided the quite visible columns of ISIS trucks transporting oil to Turkey in order “to avoid civilian casualties” or so the US Air Force officially said.


On the sidelines there was State Department Victoria Nuland’s Kiev coup, against the legitimate Ukrainian Government. A part of Ukraine didn’t recognise the coup government, so it was attacked and Crimea escaped confrontation by reuniting with Russia. This predictable setback was cause for the imposition of European economic sanctions against Russia, which costs billions and hundreds thousands of jobs to the EU economy.


All those previous facts made the Europeans realize that Brussels is really NATO, and NATO is really Washington. Many now know that there is a hybrid war going on against letting European capital develop Eurasian resources. Part of NATO manoeuvring is to spread demographic dislocation into Europe, into England, the goal is to cause its economic, social and cultural destabilization. Those were some very valid reasons for the Brexit vote. It really meant a vote against Brussels, against the endorsement of US Administration pro-war policy, against Washington’s new Cold War.


The European political map


Traditional labels in European politics are now meaningless. Instead of ideological posturing, it is real and concrete issues that are what now matters. The immigrant issue is now past “they’re threatening our jobs”. It is now about they are threatening our culture, our peace, our institutions, our traditions, our infrastructure, our security and our identity. But that brings up the question of why are these immigrants coming here? They are not coming as economic migrants, they are coming because of destruction caused by NATO, because of NATO bombs in the Near East; it is NATO’s policy of aggression which destroys peace and lives in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Central Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and also in Ukraine.


The fact that European policy is run by the United States is now evident. Until now any political movement that would propose to withdraw from NATO, to have an independent national economic policy, was immediately labelled as Far Right; such was the case of the National Front in France or the Hungarian Civil Union (Fidesz). Now we have Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orban, with Jeremy Corbyn in the English left and the German Social Democrats leaders saying: we don’t want a confrontation with Russia, while NATO organizes the biggest military concentration on the Russian border since WWII and the European Commission, also in Brussels, breaks centuries old European ties and keeps up self-damaging EU economic sanctions against Russia.


Nobody believes that the people of France, Germany, Italy and other countries in Europe can be counted on for a war against themselves or against Russia again. The Brexit vote shows that it will be impossible for the media to manipulate the peoples of Europe into eagerly participating in a war against Russia; a war imposed by NATO, only wanted by the U.S. It may be the reason for the US to provoke the flow towards Europe of hundreds of thousands of Muslims of military age.


There is now a political European convergence that overcomes media labelling of left and the right. It is quite clear also that the label socialist can cover a policy totally contrary to working classes interests and favourable to Wall Street criteria; the opposite can be said instead about those labelled by the media as Far Right or even accused of fascist sympathy.


The abduction of Europe


The European Union institutional system is not a representative one. It was designed that way; it was designed to be indifferent to European political, social or economic pressure. It cannot evolve because it doesn’t even provide mechanisms for reform. It is so immune to pressures, that Mario Draghi – ex Goldman Sachs and President of the European Central Bank – ECB- was able to replace the Federal Reserve in Quantitative Easing - inorganic issue of public debt-  for €1,6 trillions in order to continue giving bankers the money necessary to inflate their financial bubbles; then he candidly admitted to the press that the ECB plans to lower the value of the Euro until it levels with the US Dollar. It means that his ECB will be doing the opposite role of a Central Bank: it will erode the value of European salaries, pensions and properties to rescue the US Dollar. He is not in jail, he is still there, and no one has accused him of pushing capital flight or of robbing Europeans.


In modern Europe the parties that call themselves socialists – French socialists, German social democrats, Spanish PSOE- practice neo-liberal policies. The parties for radical change arise in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and supposedly, Greece. In Europe people concerned about social issues are now talking about financial issues, not about political philosophy. Those are the parties that really want to govern, that want to issue national money, to run a deficit, to spend into the economy. It cannot be done under the Lisbon agreements, where the BCE only creates money to give it to banks, not money to spend, to finance new investment and new employment. The eurozone wants to cut back salaries and pensions in order to keep the banks gambling in the stock markets and save the investments of the world’s one percent.


No wonder there is Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch nationalists, saying, they want Holland to have its own central bank. No wonder Victor Orban wants a Hungarian Central Bank independent of the BCE, that would sustain the Hungarian Florint. No wonder Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini are asking for national referendums on the European Union. They don’t want Brussels devaluating the investments and money that French and Italian people have worked for. They want their own Central Bank so when national economic interest requires it, they can run a budget deficit to create employment, which famously, since Sismondi, is known to be the key to economic growth.


Europe had a healthy economy until a financial debt economy, originated in Wall Street, infected and dragged it into the 2008 crisis. Brussels then requested national governments to save their banks with public money. It is that debt, created in order to save the very rich from bankruptcy, which made public austerity necessary. Withdrawal from Europe means lessening austerity and no public money for the bankers. In England the voting pattern had London – home to the Financial City – and university centres, Oxford and Cambridge, where young people abound who are intoxicated by the media while fingering the screen of their telephones, voting to stay in. You had the working class areas of the north and the south, the middle class and the industrial class voting to exit. It was Virtual World vs Real World; Virtual Economy vs Real Economy. The majority opposed austerity, opposed Brussels anti-labor policies, opposed pro-bank policies, opposed making it permanent with the TTIP.


What to expect


Brexit makes the TTIP more difficult. Even the servile French and German governments have made anti TTIP noises. Anyone knows, TTIP would be the headstone of the European socio-economic model. TTIP is now promoted only by the European Commission


There is no guarantee that the vote in favour of separating Britain from the UE will be obeyed. When Ireland voted not to join the European Union, the people’s vote was ignored once and again until they gave up and voted for Brussels. When the French and the Dutch voted against the European Constitution project, their vote was ignored with the Treaty of Lisbon. When the Greeks voted against the financial proposals of the Troika, their government ignored them. When the Dutch voted recently against an EU trade agreement with Ukraine, their government ignored them. It is probable that the Brexit vote will be ignored by British and European authorities alike. The fact that Cameron resigned, as expected, but with effect in October, is a bad warning symptom. 


The Brexit vote is more important as a catalyst for similar moves. Lega Nord and Cinque Stelle in Italy, Unidos Podemos in Spain, National Front in France, Freedom Party in Holland, Freedom Party in Austria, and similar movements in Slovakia, Hungary, Finland and Sweden, want to escape Brussels dictatorship. We still want a united Europe, but one free of NATO, independent from the US. We want a Europe that can invest its capitals and grow with the resources of the Eurasian Common Market: a single Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok.


Geneva 27/06/2016





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