A Tribute to Hugo Chavez—Cimmarón Bolivariano

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Speaking of Hugo Chavez at the time of his passing; the Afro-Venezuelan scholar-activist Jesus Chucho Garcia, who now heads the Venezuelan diplomatic mission in Angola; gave him the title of Presidente Cimmarón. Cimmarón, of course, was the label employed by the Spanish colonisers, loosely translated as runaway slave, Maroon, a derogatory label, suggestive of those who foolishly and with futility chose to live outside the pale of white ‘civilised’ world. We are still in the process of re-writing the history of Nuestra America. Chucho Garcia’s baptism of Hugo Chávez shows the power of re-interpreting the terms of the oppressor with the meaning of the oppressed.
Speech delivered by the author at the Casa de ALBA Cultural, Havana, Cuba, December 5, 2013. 
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