Reinventing the Caricom Single Market and Economy

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My remarks… will be along three main lines:
- The crisis in regional economic integration
- The reasons for the crisis
- The way out of the crisis
1. The crisis in regional economic integration
I do not think that any useful purpose is to be served by denying that there is a major crisis in the regional economic integration movement. I stress economic because it is important to bear in mind that economic integration is one of four pillars of Caricom; the other three being foreign policy coordination; functional cooperation and security. Functional cooperation continues, and seems to be doing reasonably well. So is security. Foreign policy coordination happens in name only.
But the real problem is the stasis in the economic integration pillar; for this is seen as one of the main purposes of the Community.
- Edited text of address to The Caribbean Association of Judicial Officers, 3rdBiennial Conference, Bridgetown, Barbados
27 September 2013
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