Shared perspectives for Digital New Deal

The current digital era can sound very unfair and asymmetrical. But this does not mean that citizens are excluded from the struggle to shape their digital destinies, or at least to reduce the destructive effects of the current escalating predation.

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Numerous authors recently wrote twelve essays for A Digital New Deal. Visions of Justice in a Post-Covid World promoted by the IT for Change network. Considering the circumstances resulting from the pandemic, these essays summarize the vision of specialists based on the five continents and in different thematic fields, summing up the evolving digital reality and offering perspectives. Having personally contributed to these essays, I propose here to draw some common guidelines that emerge from them. It is necessary to encourage a comprehensive vision of issues that sometimes appear to be enclosed in their inherent specialization or complexity. Interesting similarities can be observed for example with the perspectives addressed around the Digital Justice Manifesto – which was also added to this conceptual mapping - or in Latin America with the Internet Social Forum. As is often the case in this kind of open contribution, views are heterogeneous and not exempt from divergences. But common perspectives are very significant and they form the canvas of the following reflection.


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