Countering hate speech against refugees and migrants: An evaluation of international human rights treaties and soft law instruments

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Refugiados en Europa
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Since the refugee crisis in 2015, hate speech against refugees and migrants has increased significantly, becoming a cause of concern for the United Nations. Although there is no definition of hate speech or xenophobia in international law, dispositions in human rights treaties and soft law provide a mandate for States to protect migrants from hateful speech. By reviewing human rights treaties, documents from treaty bodies and other soft law instruments, this article aims to show that hateful speech targeting migrants should be sanctioned by law, as it falls outside the scope of freedom of expression.


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Article to be published in: EDICIÓN 91.1 Revista RELACIONES INTERNACIONALES Escuela de Relaciones Internacionales Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica No 92.1. Enero-Junio de 2019 (January-June, 2019)
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