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Why Congressman Juan Guaidó can't be "interim president" of Venezuela

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The "Plan A" of the interventionist conspiracy against the Homeland has been defeated. As commander and comrade William Izarra pointed out, defeat in the Organization of American States (OAS) and in the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) postponed the military aggression that U.S. imperialism had planned for this week. So far, that plan has been deferred.


Undoubtedly Guaidó continues to be the battering ram of the conspiracy, which in now entering new modalities and trying to activate new plans. Hence the importance of not lowering our guard, and remaining very alert and mobilized.


On this occasion, in the following lines, we would like to provide new input regarding a very powerful reason, I might say extremely powerful, that would disqualify Congressman Juan Guaidó, in his claim to taking charge of the Presidency of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.


Without wishing to seem immodest, I was one of the first to warn that the opposition would manipulate and distort the interpretation and provisions of article 233 of the constitutional text, which was complemented by the interpretation of sentence No. 2 of record 12-1358 of January 9, 2013, in the interpretation appeal filed by attorney Marelys D Arpino, referring to the scope and content of article 231 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in a joint presentation by the magistrates of the Constitutional Court at that time, with respect to the situation in the country as a result of the illness and subsequent convalescence of Commander-President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías.


Having exhausted the explanations on the application of the aforementioned article 233, and of article 231 of our Magna Carta, we must add the following, in order to understand what I want to point out in its full expression.


Article 227 of the Constitution establishes the requirements to be met by candidates for the Presidency of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. I would like to transcribe the article concerned:


"Article 227: In order to be elected President of the Republic, one must be Venezuelan by birth, have no other nationality, be over thirty years of age, of secular state and not be subject to or be sentenced by a final judgment and comply with the other requirements established in this Constitution. (Highlighted by the columnist. Free translation).


So in that sense, through technological platforms and digital social networks, I acquired information that it would be important to investigate and obtain the evidence that supports the assertion that I take the liberty of formulating.


In radio "La Cope" of Spain, a few days ago, they pointed out that Mr. Wilmer Guaidó, father of the MP and "interim president" Juan Guaidó, who has been living in the city of Tenerife in Spain for years, is Spanish, and that he is alleged to have granted that citizenship to his son.


If this supposition were proven, automatically it would invalidate the arguments put forward by constitutionalists of the opposition on the "legitimacy of the mandate" of Guaidó, because this new element not only disqualifies, but delegitimizes this supposed mandate of the parliamentarian.


The same situation occurs with the alleged president of the so-called "Supreme Court in exile”, who also has Spanish nationality, which disqualifies him for the exercise of that magistracy that he claims.


So much fuss they made about President Nicolás Maduro and his supposed Colombian nationality due to the neo-Granadine origins of his mother, Teresa Moros de Maduro. Yet the birth certificate of the current constitutionally legitimate President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela shows that he is a native of the city of Caracas. It's that simple.


I hope that these modest contributions can be used by the Venezuelan authorities to carry out a serious and in-depth investigation in order to obtain evidence of Guaidó's dual nationality, which would disqualify him in any way from exercising the First National Magistracy. And in this way contribute to continue confining and defeating the coup d'état and the conditions for a "humanitarian" type intervention in my homeland, Venezuela.



- Juan Martorano, lawyer, Human Rights activist, revolutionary militant and member of the National Network of Socialist Tweeters.


(Translated for ALAI by Jordan Bishop)









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