Our World is Not for Sale: Final Statement on MC11

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As 80 civil society representatives from over 30 countries here with the global Our World Is Not for Sale (OWINFS) network, we are deeply disappointed that WTO members once again missed a crucial opportunity to address fundamental problems in the global trading system, and at the same time relieved that the push by giant technology corporations for an agenda to expand WTO rules over the future digital economy failed to garner support by a majority of members.


Despite a mandate to find a permanent solution for public stockholding MC11, members failed to remove WTO constraints on countries’ ability to feed their hungry populations and improve farmers’ livelihoods; on a workable Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM); and on disciplining subsidies that distort trade and damage farmers’ livelihoods around the world. Likewise, they made no progress on the key issue of addressing WTO constraints to development, having completely ignored the G90 development proposals. Fortunately, given that there was no Ministerial Declaration, previous affirmations of the development agenda still stand. It is unfortunate that members were not able to agree to discipline fish subsidies, but given that some members opposed preserving development policy space in fisheries, it is better that members continue consultations in Geneva.


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