Crisis in the Hate-Cuba Industry

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The process towards the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States officially began with the reopening of their respective embassies in Washington and Havana. However, everyone knows that it will take a long time to repair the ruins caused by the absurd imperialist policy and to travel the dangerous road without perilous mishaps.


It is not that the goal is not clearly known. Everything about what normal relations between nations are is written down –almost to the smallest detail– in countless books and treatises on International Law, public and private. These explain the procedures that define non-interference and normalcy.


Jean-Guy Allard, a veteran Canadian journalist accredited to Havana and a regular contributor to Radio Havana Cuba and Granma, said in an interview with Dick Emanuelsson, Deputy Director of Colombian news agency Anncol, that "what is good for Cuba is that the machinery of US disinformation had to clean up Cuba’s image to make the change viable.


"When it suited the Empire, the island was transformed overnight from diabolical to sympathetic. Cuba has become a decent country in the US media. The day after that about-face in the media, many European countries, confirming their despicable subservience, flew to Havana to pay their respects. And with that Cuba already won. "


But now, says Allard, it is imperative to lift the infamous blockade –which the US euphemistically calls “embargo”– and to put an end to more than half a century of mistreating the Cubans. "You cannot torment a people for five decades without having to pay for the damages, which are huge."


Allard, who has become a prominent observer of the strained relations between Washington and Havana, notes that "until now, the US presence in Cuba has meant espionage, infiltration, recruitment and penetration. We will have to see if the announced new diplomacy between neighbors is more civilized. "


Noting the development of Washington's relations with other progressive countries in Latin America, the expert reporter wonders: "What will be the “new look” of US subversive activity in Havana? Surely they will not give up interference; they will fine-tune it”.


The prestigious French-Canadian journalist considers that, so far, the performance of all dissidents in Cuba has been designed for foreign consumption. It was from abroad where the donations come to initially breed them and keep them alive to this day. "Cuban dissidents, so widely promoted by the press abroad, are little less than invisible in Cuba," noted Allard.


Regarding the situation of the of the revolution’s enemies abroad, Allard believes that "now the confusion is already apparent in the anti-Castro zoo. They do not know how to recycle themselves. "


"The hate-Cuba industry that generated millions for decades –and made the fortunes of hundreds of miameros [Miami-based enemies of Cuba]– no longer exists. Miami, the city of the CIA, became the narco capital and now it is said to be the Mecca of pornography. The anti-Cuban-Miami began with Batista´s gangsters and grew up with CIA money. Sooner or later, it will have to refocus on the new relationship between neighbors. "


The industry of hatred has been described as the most lucrative machinery in the state of Florida. Created fifty-five years ago by President Eisenhower, to promote and highlight the achievements of the Cubans living in "democracy" against those who live in Cuba, it gradually degenerated into a well-structured mafia with deadly tentacles in most of the hemisphere.


With a huge variety of ubiquitous tentacles, sometimes with absolute control over educational, financial, social, judicial, religious, political, labor and cultural spheres in South Florida ... and even beyond, no one has been able to aspire to a leadership position without its approval and blessing.


By fanning the flames of a war that would eventually overthrow the Cuban government, this industry has swindled the US government out of billions of dollars.


Moral decadence placed Florida at the pinnacle of many crime statistics concentrating the largest group in the nation of officials –political or administrative– in prison, accused, on probation, or wanted. Florida has the most Medicare and Medicaid fraud, and the nation’s largest drug-trafficking center, among other niceties.


This criminal environment has made South Florida home to the largest and most diverse collection of Latin American former dictators, terrorists and murderers.


September 5, 2015.


Manuel E. Yepe


A CubaNews translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann
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