Letter from General Coordinator Manuel Zelaya to Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

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Tegucigalpa 28 July 2011
Your Excellence
Ban Ki Moon
Secretary General United Nations
Attention of José Eguren
Distinguished General Secretary 
With great respect, we write to you, in order that through your position our message can reach all of the countries integrated in the United Nations, which actually you direct, in order that the truth arrive to the international community regarding the human rights violations that afflict our people on a daily basis, especially since the military coup, which was condemned by the United Nations.
Recently the Commission of Truth and Reconciliation, installed by the Government of the Republic, without the inclusion of representatives of the victims, presented a report that once more confirmed the Coup d'Etat and that additionally indicated the systematic violation of human rights, including the assassination for political motives of innocent citizens, whose only action was to condemn the military Coup and demand the reconstruction of democratic order in the country.
More than two years since the most tragic act against Latin American democracy in the last three decades, the key actors, material and intellectual authors of the military coup and the human rights violations enjoy the most absolute and unjustifiable impunity, whilst at the same time occupying positions of great strategic importance within the State. Meanwhile the intimidation, harassment and persecution intensifies against members of our organization and against my overthrown government.
The banishment and exile of Father Justo Milla, the Catholic Priest Andrés Tamayo, the impunity that prevails for more than the 200 assassinations, the judicial-political persecution of various ex-functionaries, amongst those Rebecca Patricia Santos, the domestic prison of Enrique Flores Lanza, ex-Minister of the Presidency and member of the Political Commission of our Political Organization, who has been clearly denied the right to just treatment even though he has displayed his willingness to demonstrate his innocence.
We advert the international community that we are extremely close to the imprisonment of Flores Lanza which would be a judicial abomination without precedent in the last 50 years of Honduran law, only comparable to the injustices of South African racism during the times of Nelson Mandela.
The Agreement of Democratic Reconciliation was signed in Cartagena de Indias, on the premise that it responded to the desire for peace and democratic coexistence of the Honduran people; however, it is subject to systematic violations of this situation to pursue the beaten and protect the coup undertakers.
Secretary General, our organization, the National Front of Popular Resistance represents a large majority of Hondurans, constitutes a democratic and peaceful political opposition for the reconstruction of democratic institutions in our country, participating in the open debate the ideas, and according to legitimate processes validated by the sovereign will of the people as expressed at the polls. Yet we are persecuted, harassed, and the lives of our leaders and members are constantly in danger because helplessness and threats that we face.
We ask that the countries integrated in the United Nations, place their view upon our country and that they demand a strict respect for human rights, the end of repression and political persecution, as well as the immediate dismantling of paramilitary groups who execute peasant farmers that already this year have assassinated 42 in the lower Aguan valley. Likewise the end of persecution against teachers and the cessation of impunity, repairing the damages against victims and enforcing justice.
The international community should maintain itself aware of the undergoings in Honduras, allowing the international court and United Nations Special Rapporteur to verify these abuses in situ.
We thank you for distinguished attention.
Yours Sincerely,
José Manuel Zelaya Rosales 
General Coordinator
Juan Barahona 
Sub Coordinator
National Front of People´s Resistance 
(FNRP, Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular)
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