Afghanistan for China

Afghanistan, has a desertic appearance, but is fertile for other things than poppies and as an additional 'prize' offers resources such as rare earths and minerals, which the United States does not have

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Foto: Shah Marai
Foto : Omar Torres/AFP
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Whoever controls Afghanistan controls the world, or so several geopolitical theorists thought, such as Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book The Great Chessboard, as even Rudyard Kipling himself seemed to believe. All of them influential in the Anglo-Saxon strategic perception. That theory is based on the idea that Eurasia is the 'Island of the world'.


When in the 19th century the British Empire was the greatest maritime power, it besieged the contour of the Russian Empire without daring to attack, because since 1870, Bismarck had stabilized the world with an alliance between Russia and Germany. It was a peaceful time when the arts and sciences flourished and is now remembered as La Belle Epoque.


Afghanistan is in the center of that region, between China and Iran; That alone is already eloquent about the relevance of the flight of the US army from that country that it martyred for 20 years.


Afghanistan, has a desertic appearance, but is fertile for other things than poppies and as an additional 'prize' offers resources such as rare earths and minerals, which the United States does not have and which are indispensable for a modern industrial nation if it hopes to become a relevant world power.


This is part of the logic behind the apparently suicidal perseverance of the United States, wasting 20 years trying to subjugate the tribal government of that mountainous nation shielded by its hostile topography, by spreading the terror that inspires the death that rains from the sky, during family gatherings. and friendly meetings, such as funerals and weddings and other innocuous gatherings attacked by remote control from quarters as far away as Tampa in Florida. It is easy to imagine the remote assassin sipping CocaCola while he manipulates the levers in a video game where the dead are very real, innocent people who see how their parents, children, and brothers are torn apart by the missiles, fired in total safety by well-paid remote drone pilots.


Death in modern warfare, as developed by NATO, is a dehumanized business, as in those movies where the US cavalry annihilates indigenous people like flies. First for the English as later for the American, Natives were not considered humans, only prey. Much as the world witnessed in Libya the destruction of entire civilian families in their homes pointed out by NATO’s Salafist spies as supporters of Gadhafi.


The United States and its allies displayed onerous and ignorant arrogance in Afghanistan by embarking on a “nation-building” campaign to replace the Afghan’s millennial political organization based on peaceful tribal community covenants, to impose a liberal democracy in its place (a system where people vote and nothing changes) as practiced in the United States and its vassal countries. Where parliaments and governments do not represent the people or anything other than the oligarchic interests of the Wall Street world.


The world ignorant political scientists of the American think tanks believed the US could retire after installing the single puppet government in Kabul supported by an army of 200,000 soldiers and many drones; American-style organized and trained soldiers even though the only recent military success of the US army was the invasion of Grenada. It took the Taliban 4 weeks to wipe them off.


Kabul’s puppet regime was supposed to be a permanent and reliable strategic ally in subverting the Muslim minorities in China and Russia. The NATO countries want to use Muslim fanaticism to sow rebellions like the Chechen one to undermine Russia and China. That is the reason for NATO to obey the Saudis’ request to overthrow all secular governments in Muslim countries (Iraq, Syria, Libya). For Saudis the Iranian Government is not a good theocratic example: they even hold elections!


When the head choppers cut off Syrian, Iranian or Shiite heads, according to NATO they are moderate Islamist political opponents entitled to training and the latest Western weapons.


According to Biden, the Afghan puppet Government would have enough stability to frustrate US rivals for 3 years. It did not happen as planned.


President Ghani left by the United States to cover their withdrawal, abandoned the country, an action that repeated the ignominious fate of the South Vietnamese government, left by the United States in Saigon. Once again, we saw helicopters flying over the roof of the United States Embassy to evacuate its personnel under emergency.


Washington’s allies in Brussels and elsewhere will have to ponder the real advantage of being protected by the Mightiest Military the world has ever seen, as Biden boasted in is recent visit to Europe. There is no doubt that NATO is the most expensive military force ever on Earth.  Europeans have long imitated Americans in confusing a high price tag with quality or size with power.


Now that Kabul is free to decide which model of government it wants, the queue for auditions will be very long, full of would-be predators, willing to repeat the lessons of the governments left in Kabul by the US and the USSR. The next Afghan government will have a powerful influence on the fate of other third world nations that, for better or for worse, are not formal vassals of NATO’s empires".


Besides its critical location in the middle of Eurasia, Afghanistan is rumored to have more than $ 3000 billion in natural resources, a rumor that has made neocolonial powers salivate. Oil and gas are plentiful, and gold, copper and lithium, all of them necessary for the manufacture of electronics, are also available; and for the unscrupulous, the notorious poppy fields. Since the Americans occupied Afghanistan, it became the largest source of heroin in the world. Quite a coincidence!


Afghanistan is one of the few places where you can find the rare earth elements that are essential for the manufacture of electronic products, and of which the United States is going to lose access and that will be devastating for its technological development.


China is Afghanistan’s neighbour and is interested in providing it with the necessary infrastructure to bring the New Silk Road to Iran; an investment that will provide jobs and stability. As Iran neighbours on Europe, NATO’s defeat in Afghanistan, will open the space up to connect Europe with China and facilitate the creation of a Eurasian Common Market. A market whose economic growth dynamics will be much greater than that of the European Community; because NATO’s vassals are subdued to the North American economic model as imposed by Brussels, and the US follows the same Ricardian liberal economic system, whose tendency to accumulate wealth in a small but wealthy minority was denounced by Sismondi 200 years ago.


Almeria 08/23/2021
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