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América Latina en Movimiento No 494 Abril 2014


 Internet, power and democracy

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Power and Democracy on the Net

Sally Burch


Information Flow and Power

Julian Assange


The Multistakeholder Model and Neo-liberalism:

“Post-democratic” Internet Governance

Michael Gurstein


Interview with Robert McChesney:

How can Internet be De-monopolized?

Sally Burch


Towards a Just and Equitable Internet

Prabir Purkayastha


Interview with Kenyan Alex Gakuru

Cloud Computing and Legal Labyrinths



Root Causes of Internet Social Justice or Injustice

Norbert Bollow


Brazil Approves One of the Most Advanced Internet Laws in the World

The Civil Framework for the Internet

Bia Barbosa and Pedro Ekman


WSIS+10: The Search for Consensus
Richard Hill


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