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"Communication in Movement", a new publication of ALAI (Agencia Latinoamericana de Información), examines the complex relations between social movements and communication. 
In the last decade, Latin America has seen the emergence of social and citizen movements dedicated to building alternatives to the neoliberal order. One of the central goals they have set is to appropriate and democratize communication. 
This work explores that process, scrutinizing the experiences of the organizations involved in outstanding social and citizen coordinating bodies and networks of the continent. 
One of the characteristics of these networks is their commitment to joint endeavors, as a means of capacity building. An expression of this phenomenon is the "Minga Informativa de Movimientos Sociales" (Social Movements Information Pool), sustained by the Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations (CLOC/Via Campesina), the Continental Front of Community Organizations (FCOC), The Women Transforming the Economy Network (REMTE), the Cry of the Excluded, the Assembly of Caribbean Peoples, the LGBT South-South Dialogue and the Indigenous Liaison. 
A first overview of this process had already been undertaken in 2000-2001, which was published under the title "Social Movements on the Net". The new publication goes into greater depth on the experience of organizations such as the Landless Workers' Movement (MST) of Brazil, the rural organizations ANAMURI of Chile and ATC of Nicaragua, the indigenous organization CONAIE of Ecuador, among others. It deals with issues such as movements and networked communication, the challenges and difficulties of appropriating new information and communication technologies (ICTs), the repercussions in organizational terms, for processing information and for training; the positions movements adopt towards the media, building their own media (both written and broadcast) and the foray into cyberspace, underlining the experience of the Social Movements Information Pool. Through all these themes, a cross-cutting issue stands out, which are the signposts that point to definitions of communications policy and strategies.

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