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América Latina en Movimiento - magazine


Periodical magazine of current affairs and Latin American thinking


Critical readings of regional issues

Analysis of social processes

Contemporary issues in debate.


An essential source of information for opinion leaders, social leaders, political activists, journalists and the media, study centers, training schools, public servants, development or solidarity organizations, among others.


It is a joint effort of analysts, thinkers, organizations, writers and communicators who are committed to social causes.


It contains information and notes of reflection complementary to those found in the database of this Web site.


The regular Spanish editions can be found here.


The following are occasional English editions.

Ediciones anteriores por año:
América Latina en Movimiento, special English edition, March 2021

Magazine: Reflections for a public education oriented to human dignity for all. Co-edition ALAI / CLADE.

Magazine No. 542 - June 2019

Approaches for defining a digital justice agenda in view of the impact of the digital corporate monopoly model.

Magazine No. 532 - Abril 2018

The geopolitical dispute
Sofía Scasserra

An overview of the 11th Ministerial Conference of the WTO
Deborah James

Transnational corporations’ agenda on e-commerce
Sally Burch

Inequitable WTO rules in Agriculture
Ranja Sengupta

 p alai 503 en

Is another Internet possible?

Sally Burch


The importance of intellectual property malleability

So open, so closed

Pedro Cagigal


 alai494w en
América Latina en Movimiento No 494 Abril 2014

Power and Democracy on the Net

Sally Burch


Information Flow and Power

Julian Assange


The Multistakeholder Model and Neo-liberalism:

“Post-democratic” Internet Governance

Michael Gurstein


Interview with Robert McChesney:

How can Internet be De-monopolized?

Sally Burch


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