Steps to defeat fascism and the politics of hate

We are convinced that this destructive chaos we have suffered will pass and will be transformed into a promising generative chaos of a new order, one that is higher, more just, fraternal and caring for all life.

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"Fascism kills"
Foto: CUT-RS
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This article is dedicated to those who fight for wounded democracy and to rescue the devastated nation.


Political forces, enemies of life, have allied themselves with the Coronavirus and are favoring the decimation of more than 600 thousand lives. Their goal is to take us back to pre-modern times, dismantling our culture and science, suppressing labor and social security rights, spreading lies, cowardly hatred for the poor, the indigenous, the quilombolas, the afro-descendants, the homo-affective, and the LGBTI.


Ideologically, these forces are ultraconservative and clearly fascist. They have risen to the highest power in the Republic. The main representative of these forces wants, by all means, even against the law, to be reelected. As a parliamentarian he magnified torturers and defended dictatorships. As head of State, he was lenient with the large-scale burning of the Amazon forest, with the loggers, and with the intrusion of mining and gold mining, including on indigenous lands. He committed crimes against humanity by his denialism regarding the Covid-19 immunizers and showed himself insensitive and without any empathy to the suffering of thousands of bereaved families and millions of unemployed and hungry people.


Unfortunately, we have seen the fragility, even the omission, of our official or legal institutions, and the low intensity of our democracy, which, measured by social justice and respect for rights, seems more like a huge official farce. Nothing or little has been done to remove this sinister, authoritarian, fascist figure. They are not allowed to watch, unmoved, the populational, cultural, political, and spiritual crumbling of our country.


In the face of this historic tragedy, we need, through elections, to curb the death drive, present in the executive power and its assistants. It is necessary to inflict a resounding electoral defeat on this person who has shown himself to be insane, unworthy, malevolent, and incapable of governing the Brazilian people. He deserves to be legally removed from the political scene and to pay for his crimes, so that we can finally live with a minimum of fair and sustainable development, with social peace, with open joy and with collective happiness.


To achieve this political and ethical diligence, within the limits of the Constitution and the democratic order of law, it is important, in my opinion, to take the following steps:


First, ensure, if possible, already in the first round, the victory for president, of someone with charisma, with the confidence of the great majorities, and with the capacity to pull us out of the dark well into which we have been thrown. He has shown before that he is capable of achieving this redemption. He does not need to reveal his name, because he has already emerged, victorious, in the electoral polls.


Second, it is not enough to elect a president with such characteristics. It is fundamental to guarantee him a numerous parliamentary base, so that the presidential coalition does not compromise the ideals and purposes, present in the origins and redeemable, such as the option for social policies that serve the great impoverished and oppressed majorities, with transparency, with the ethics of solidarity starting with the most vulnerable, and with an active and proud sovereignty. The alliances will be made with parties with similar purposes and public policies. It is equally important to guarantee the election of governors and, in due course, of mayors and councilors who, in the regions and the grassroots, support the central government with a sense of social justice and care for the life of the people and of nature.


Third, and most important, to reinforce and, where necessary, to resume grassroots work, organizing popular committees of all kinds, so that they can participate and interconnect with the already existing organizations, such as in health, education, gender equality, and others, creating a citizen conscience. It is not enough to guarantee the insertion in the current perverse and anti-popular system, but to create a changing conscience, pointing to another type of society with participative, social, and ecological democracy.


This grassroots work is imperative if we want to create the conditions for a transformation that comes from below and create progressive and libertarian movements that translate dreams into viable, everyday practices. It is at this level, from the ground up, that the new begins to be rehearsed and the necessary energy to continue the re-foundation of a new Brazil is nourished, against the prolongation of historical dependency, against the low esteem present in the retrograde elites, and against the oligopoly of the media, the ideological arm of the dominant class, heir to the Casa Grande.


We are convinced that this destructive chaos we have suffered will pass and will be transformed into a promising generative chaos of a new order, one that is higher, more just, fraternal and caring for all life: in short, of a Brazil in which we will have joy in living and coexisting with justice, where it will be easier to have the love and joviality that characterize the best of us.


- Leonardo Boff is an ecotheologist, philosopher, and writer, and has written: Brasil: concluir a refundação ou prolongar a dependência, Vozes 2018.
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