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ALAI 40 years


Dear readers and friends of ALAI:


We warmly thank the many expressions of recognition and appreciation for our work, received in greetings and testimonies on the occasion ALAI’s 40th anniversary.


We renew our commitment to continue offering information and analysis of local, regional and world events that give insight into the processes that lie behind the news. Communication practice generated from critical thinking and from a perspective of democratizing communication is today more indispensable than ever, not only as a mechanism to avoid dependence on hegemonic sources, but also as a strategic proposal for confronting the universal presence of one of the most influential global de facto powers: the corporate media.


The accumulation of innovation and experience that characterizes our information work over these past four decades, has been possible due to a wide range of collaborators who daily provide news, reflections, opinions and analysis, but also to the editorial endeavor of our permanent team in Quito. Thanks to this shared commitment, ALAI has been able to build up one of the most significant collections of information on the region and its challenges on the world scene. The web portal www.alainet.org has become a multilingual reference on the principal themes of the contemporary world reaching a broad and diverse regional and global audience.


This is a participative communication endeavor, with editorial independence and self-management, that in order to sustain its work requires the support of all of you, our readers. This includes direct economic contributions, that will enable us to complete the budget needed to maintain our media outlets with open access. We have received contributions of $10, $100, or $1000, for all of which we are grateful. Nevertheless this year we need more people and organizations to join this effort, so as to guarantee the continuity of this project.


We are convinced that ALAI’s information endeavor must be maintained and extended, particularly in the present regional situation where the media monopolies not only hide, twist and deform information, but have become political actors bent on destabilizing the democracies and peoples’ projects in Latin America.


For this task, we are counting on each of you! 


Fraternal greetings


Monica Bruckmann

President of ALAI


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