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América Latina en Movimiento, special English edition, March 2021


Human Right to education: horizons and meanings in the post-pandemic


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The Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education, CLADE, in the framework of its recent 11th General Assembly, reflected on key issues of its strategic agenda of commitment to a public education oriented to human dignity for all. In this edition we share some of the advances in the reflection on this human right, in times of Covid. A co-edition ALAI / CLADE.




Public education: our banner

Nelsy Lizarazo


The following morning

Vernor Muñoz


Ruptures, plural voices and the struggle for rights:
Horizons for overcoming educational inequalities

Giovanna Modé and Laura Giannecchini


What is being done? What can educators do?

Youth and adult education in times of pandemic

Education Policy Advocacy Group -CEAAL


In times of pandemic:

Casualization of the teaching profession

Omar Orlando Pulido Chaves


Trends of subordination to profit after the pandemic:

The privatization of education

Theresa Adrião


Action to End the Education Financing Crisis

David Archer


Following the pandemic:

The dilemma around digital rights in education

Fernanda Campagnucci


Criminalization and human rights violations

Foro de Educación y Desarrollo Humano

Foro Dakar / Honduras


UN Rapporteur on the Human Right to Education:

A social pact for education



Implications in the pandemic era:

The right to education from the start

Desirée López de Maturana Luna


Letter in Quarantine

Final Declaration of the XI CLADE Regional Assembly

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