Deportations as political violence. Contempt and racism against migrants

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Recently, under the orders of the current US president and with a long planning, a massive raid took place in Mississippi, in work centers where about 700 migrants were arrested. This action, one of the biggest raids of the last decade, once again consolidates the head of the US executive as an accomplished racist; and it resulted in the breakdown of many families, children who were left without their parents and the growth of a panorama of terror among undocumented workers. For the president of the US, both in his constant hate speech and social division, as in his actions, policies and initiatives of law, the axis is the direct and ruthless attack on migrant communities. With his false and exaggerated rhetoric of blaming migrants for the most diverse evils (violence, drug trafficking, job losses, etc.), he has justified several actions that have not only violated human rights and violated various laws of the EU itself, but also put migrants at risk and attack migrants at different levels.


They have received more visibility about their initiatives regarding the detention of migrants who are trying to cross the border without papers or request asylum. In this sense, the list is long and ominous, from the attempt to build the wall, the increase in anti-immigrant security forces, the sending of the army to the southern border, to the separation of migrant families, the seclusion and isolation of migrant’s children in detention centers, the generalized criminalization of the migrant, among others. The results of this are palpable: the increase in veiled and direct attacks on migrants, the death of several minors in detention centers, the increase in risks and the alarming growth of migrant deaths on the southern border of the United States. The US president's contempt for migrants is rampant, and he only uses their lives as a currency for political and legitimation purposes with their most conservative and reactionary base.


However, it has not been less aggressive towards migrants who already reside and work without papers in the US. In this sense, the criminalization of migrants and de facto detentions (but also their constant threats) have become tools of political violence that have further increased the precariousness of the living and working conditions of migrants and their families. Far from the stigmatized vision proclaimed by the US government, most migrants are exploited workers, in poor working and social conditions, who are only looking for a better future for themselves and their families.
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