ALAI this week - 8/4/2022

ALAI this week - 8/4/2022


Medicine must be freed from the vise grip of patent law

New drugs are developed with vast amounts of taxpayer money. But instead of universal access to these publicly funded scientific achievements, we get prohibitively expensive medicine and sky-high profits for pharmaceutical companies.

Rhoda Feng
European Union, Russia, USA

Ukraine and the global economic war: is this barbarism or civilization?

The West’s actions against Russia since the war in Ukraine could signal an emerging new order that shuns the U.S. for weaponizing the dollar and Western control over the global financial system.

Prabir Purkayastha
China, Latin America, USA

Washington watches as China and Latin America deepen their ties

Foreign policy experts in the US have alerted to the growing economic relationship between Latin America and China, a trend only expected to increase in the coming period.

Marco Fernandes

Progressive presidential ticket Petro-Márquez receives death threats in Colombia

Vice-presidential candidate Francia Márquez and 18 other political and social leaders, associated with the left-wing Historic Pact coalition, were also threatened.

Peoples Dispatch

How corporate media has put the American public in a state of Ukraine-Russia psychosis

The privileging of pro-war messages comes at the expense of useful reporting. As a result, American audiences remain largely uninformed about key issues regarding international affairs.

Nolan Higdon

Antitrust Day of Action takes aim at power of tech giants

"In the fight to hold Big Tech responsible for their wrongdoing, we are at a historic must-win moment," said one advocate.

Julia Conley

Against all odds, workers win first Amazon union in US

The multi-billion dollar company waged a well-funded campaign against grassroots labor organizers, who, after a hard-fought struggle, successfully unionized a New York City warehouse.

Natalia Marques

Climate change: the IPCC'S warnings

There is a budget for war, but not for the planet. The climate situation requires immediate action, and the G7 must seize this window of opportunity before climate changes become irreversible.

Gabriela Ramírez, OBELA

War in Ukraine: will there be a winner?

Making matters most difficult is the fog of tricked-out misinformation flowing from all sides, reminding us of how capitalism has corrupted, vulgarized, and juvenilized the occupation of journalism.

Greg Godels
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