Crisis Económica

• European Union:, • USA: Pledging Fealty to Trump: Europe Pays the Price for Increasing Inequality
por Dean Baker 26/07/2018
• Latin America:, • USA: The United States and new economic risks in Latin America
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• Mexico: The Pact for Mexico after Five Years: How Has It Fared?
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• Puerto Rico: The Pain of Puerto Ricans: A Profit Source for Creditors
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Warnings of a new global financial crisis
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• USA: The next financial crisis -- not if, but when
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• USA:, • Venezuela: Trump Doubles Down on Sanctions and Regime Change for Venezuela
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• European Union: The Current Conflict in Spain Has a Lot to Do With Economic Failure
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Yet another looming financial crisis
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The presumed ‘mystery' of frozen wages
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• Puerto Rico: Strangling Puerto Rico in Order to Save It
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