How to help sustain ALAI's information work

ALAI’s information services thrive thanks to the content contributed by hundreds of people, media outlets, organizations, research centers and other entities with which we have built up a continent-wide collaborative network.


Similarly, in order to maintain editorial independence and quality, ALAI’s work relies on the economic support of its readers. This is all the more necessary today, when resources for alternative information work are scarce.


We therefore invite you to consider making a voluntary contribution to support ALAI’s work. Contributions of any amount are welcome, according to your possibilities. 


We know many of our readers are unable to contribute financially, and therefore we have chosen not to restrict our information services only to paying subscribers (except in the case of the print edition of our magazine, due to the high costs of the postal service).


Below we detail payment options.


We appreciate the confidence expressed in your support for ALAI’s work.


Sally Burch

Executive Director, ALAI



Amount of contribution:

You define it.


Payment methods:

  From outside of Ecuador:


* The Paypal secure system: for online payments, either by credit card or from your own Paypal account.



* Money transfer through Western Union, Money Gram or similar:

Write to the address: for details.



* Other options: if none of these possibilities of international payment work for you, or if the amount is too small to send by Western Union, write to to consult about other forms of payment.


  From Ecuador only:


* Make a deposit in Produbanco, in the name of ALAI.  Please ask account details to :

Once the deposit is made, send a message with the date and amount (and if possible a copy of the deposit sheet), indicating your contact details for future reference.


* Send a cheque or money order, payable to ALAI, to the address: ALAI, Casilla 17-12-877, Quito, Ecuador; indicating your name, postal address, e-mail.


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