Facing coronavirus in the countryside

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We are living today, in an intense historical moment, with accelerated changes seen in the correlation of forces and in the political struggle – all over the world. Considering the particularity of each country or territory, we are facing two great enemies of the people, as a working class. i) A visible enemy like covid-19, (but invisible as the causative virus), and the consequences of the pandemic, which causes: fear, tension, pain, suffering, low esteem, stress, commotion, deaths, terror, but demands from everyone, from the whole of society and from the powers of the state: executives, legislative and judiciary; attitudes (like virtues) to put life, to save lives, in the first place. Defending life, in historical times of pandemic, must be above all. ii) And an enemy, also common, the capital, a parasite, that takes advantage of these moments of crisis and social commotion, to suck the State, society and nature, the maximum to follow its course and drive more concentration of wealth, income and more profit.



Soberanía Alimentaria

Agroecología, Pandemia

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