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Latin America in Movement No 476
June 2012

Transnational Capital vs People's Resistance
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Towards a Systemic Response to Transnationalized Capital
Gonzalo Berron
Brid Brennan

Curbing the Corporations: Who? How? When?
Susan George

Transnational Corporations
Alejandro Teitelbaum

Lex Mercatoria : New Global Corporate Law
Juan Hernandez Zubizarreta

The Green Economy and Corporations
Lyda Fernanda Forero
Lucia Ortiz

Corporate Capture of the European Union
Olivier Hoedeman

Fight for Our Future: The Time for Food Sovereignty is Now!
Henry Saragih

TNCs and the Extractive Industries
David Fig

Resistance in the Oilfields of Nigeria
Nnimmo Bassey

Canada's Modern Day Pizarros Richard Girard and Jennifer Moore Pharmaceutical TNCs Rewrite National Laws Renata Reis Struggles for the Right to Water
Satoko Kishimoto

Europe: The Defence of Water as a Commons
Tommaso Fattori

Asia: Water Citizenship, Democracy and Resistance
Mary Ann Manahan

In the Defence of Water: The Rising Tide in the Americas
Marcela Olivera

Energy and the World Bank+20
Pablo Bertinat

A Threat to Global Financial Stability
Sarah Anderson and Manuel Pérez-Rocha

Investment Agreements: a Key Component of TNC impunity
Cecilia Olivet


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