The tragedy of the private

The failure of privatisation has led to notorious scandals. By Hilary Wainwright. (20/08/2014)

The sanctions imposed on Russia

The US is closing its claws on all the interests based on the military industrial complex, big pharma and the dollar and petroleum, to uphold their currency. By Carlos Rang. (18/08/2014)

Panama, Colombia and NATO

Panama faces a problem which complicates its relations with Colombia and the US. Colombia wants to establish relations with NATO. By Marco A. Gandásegui, h. (15/08/2014)

Carnivorous Greed

The industrial production of meat and meat products is becoming a huge problem for environmental pollution. By Silvia Ribeiro (15/08/2014)

Argentina Takes on Pirates and Vultures

The Fernández administration in Buenos Aires may ultimately also emerge a political victor. By Dan Beeton. (14/08/2014)

The tragedy of the private: The potential of the public

In this era of globalisation, we must work together across our communities to develop our societies. By Hilary Wainwright (13/08/2014)

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Argentina,EE.UU: Vultures who fly from Washington  M. Yepe

The Caliphate vs. Everyone Else  I. Wallerstein

EE.UU: Back In Iraq: We Only Want To Save You  D. Schechter

Development and harmony with mother earth  R. Orellana Halkyer

The return of George Orwell and Big Brother’s war on Palestine, Ukraine and the truth  J. Pilger

EE.UU: America’s Losing Strategy in Ukraine  P. Lemoine

EE.UU: Cashing In on Your Data  E. Morozov

EE.UU: 'Agri-Terrorism'? Town's Seed Library Shut Down  A. Germanos

Will Netanyahu Seize The Moment?  A. Ben-Meir


  Novedades en Español

La tragedia de lo privado H. Wainwright

La “ley de Murphy” también afecta al Imperio A. Rabilotta

Las sanciones impuestas a Rusia C. Rang

Panamá, Colombia y la OTAN M. Gandásegui, h.

Voracidad carnívora S. Ribeiro

Economías ilegales y territorialidad en Latinoamérica F. Carrión M.

La hipoteca de México S. González Briceño


  Novidades em Portugues

Brics: Uma Aliança que se Consolida L. da Silva

Em nós estão todas as memórias do universo L. Boff

O capital financeiro e a especulação com terras no Brasil F. Pitta

Lucro da indústria de carnes a custo da saúde e da soberania alimentar  S. Ribeiro

Todos pela reforma política! V. dos Santos

Receita eleitoral F. Betto

A contra reforma agrária e o aumento das desigualdades sociais no campo H. Martins de Carvalho


  Nouvelles en Français

La « loi de Murphy » affecte aussi l’Empire A. Rabilotta

Les 5 propositions du Mouvement des Travailleurs Sans Terre aux candidats à la Présidence de la République J. Rodrigues

Un nouveau moment politique J. Karg


  Neuigkeiten auf Deutsch

Herausforderungen für die zweite Regierungszeit der FMLN R. Pineda

Die Ära des Petro-Yuan O. Ugarteche


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