Lula’s Brazil will carry on

In the face of the neo-liberal model, for the fourth time, the model Lula began has been reafirmed. By Emir Sader. (28/10/2014)

World-wide popular movements to meet with the Pope

The Meeting will consider the systematic and structural causes of marginality. By Osvaldo León. (25/10/2014)

Chaos: catharsis of the system in Mexico

The government strategy is clear: condescending with student inconformity; clearing the way for the Energy Reform. By Juan Danell Sánchez (13/10/2014)

Bolivia: the MAS thwack

Even the opposing candidates are in no doubt that this Sunday, October 12, they will be hit hard in the general elections in Bolivia. By Mariano Vázquez. (12/10/2014)

Dilma vs. Aecio: two antagonistic projects face off

The second round of the elections will mean three weeks of fierce ideological and electoral struggle. By Gustavo Codas. (08/10/2014)

Evo Morales and the winning epoch in Bolivia

For the social majority, a process of real change is at stake, an epochal change in this post neoliberal climate. By Alfredo Serrano Mancilla. (07/10/2014)

  What's New

Delusional Victory Holds The Promise Of Change  A. Ben-Meir

A.Latina,EE.UU,Venezuela: Venezuela at the UN, Washington at bay  G. Grandin

Brasil: Economic Issues Could be Decisive in Brazilian Presidential Election  M. Weisbrot

Bolivia: Evo Morales’ Victory Demonstrates How Much Bolivia Has Changed  F. Fuentes

ElSalvador: El Salvador’s struggle against corporate impunity  N. Buxton

Fighting the online giants  S. Broca

Obama’s New Oil Wars — Washington Takes on ISIS, Iran, and Russia  M. Klare

Napoleon and world sugar overproduction  U. Mazzei

Trade winds  M. Bulard

Brasil,EE.UU: The Importance of Brazil’s Elections  G. Grandin


  Novedades en Español

Reclaman justicia y presentación con vida G. Castillo Ramírez

Impresiones de una jornada histórica I. Ramonet

Francisco: Este encuentro de Movimientos Populares es un gran signo . Papa Francisco

Ganó Dilma: Respiramos más tranquilos, pero… A. Aharonian

El Brasil de Lula sigue adelante E. Sader

Movimientos populares del mundo con el Papa O. León

México: Un Estado fallido planificado R. Zibechi


  Novidades em Portugues

Os movimentos populares se encontram com o Papa C. Fanti

A reflexão dos movimentos sobre Terra, Pão e Casa C. Fanti

Respiramos mais tranquilos, mas...  A. Aharonian

Contra o golpismo midiático, pela liberdade de expressão . FNDC

Encontro Mundial de Movimentos Populares .

A urgência de refundar a ética e a moral L. Boff

O que está em jogo ? T. dos Santos


  Nouvelles en Français

Le Pape François : «Quand je défends les pauvres, certains m’accusent d’être communiste ! » I. Ramonet

Mouvements populaires du monde avec le Pape  O. León

La victoire du peuple brésilien M. Foucher


  Neuigkeiten auf Deutsch

Herausforderungen für die zweite Regierungszeit der FMLN R. Pineda

Die Ära des Petro-Yuan O. Ugarteche


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