The Greek Left Rise in Power is a Call for Pan–European Change

For the first time since 1936, a left party wins the elections in Europe. By Antonios Broumas. (26/01/2015)

Pax Americana

The world promised by the US is a world where countries are destroyed and the epicenters of war multiply. By Emir Sader (23/01/2015)

Global Civil Society launches the Internet Social Forum

The Forum will bring together and articulate bottom-up perspectives on the 'Internet we want'. By Just Net Coalition, et al. (22/01/2015)

Debt: Latin America yesterday, Europe today

A collapse of the stock markets would drag the dollar down and the US tries to save it by signing a TTIP with Europe. By Umberto Mazzei. (08/01/2015)

Cuba-USA: A triumph of political realism

The diplomatic rapprochement between Cuba and the US has profound implications for both countries and for inter-American relations. By Roberto M. Yepe Papastamatin. (21/12/2014)

The spectre that haunts the US and Europe

Putin heads the only superpower capable of limiting the policy of military, political and economic aggression of the US and NATO. By Alberto Rabilotta. (16/12/2014)

  What's New

Syriza's Win is the Beginning of the End for the Eurozone's Long Nightmare  M. Weisbrot

Mexico: Ayotzinapa Calls for Mexico’s Transformation  A. Acedo

Cuba,EE.UU: Whither Cuba-US relations?  K. Peterson

EE.UU: Democrats Take on Wall Street with Financial Transactions Tax  D. Baker

Hypocrisy galore  J. Cachia

A Momentous Opportunity To Embrace The Arab Peace Initiative  A. Ben-Meir

Joseph Stiglitz shows that a suspension of debt repayments can be beneficial for a country and its people  E. Toussaint

Greek Voters Should Not Be Intimidated  M. Weisbrot

The true stakes of internet governance  R. Hill

The new global corporate law  J. Hernández Zubizarreta


  Novedades en Español

¿Cuál es el futuro de la CELAC? E. Tamayo G.

Seis cuestiones para entender la hegemonía mediática D. Moraes

III Cumbre de la CELAC: El reto de actuar conjuntamente E. Tamayo G.

Ascenso al poder de la izquierda griega: un llamado al cambio paneuropeo A. Broumas

Obama, la “nueva era” con Cuba y la Cumbre de la Celac  C. Fazio

Chevron gana el premio a la “vergüenza superlativa” S. Ferrari

Organizaciones lanzan propuesta global del Foro Social de Internet . Coalición Just Net


  Novidades em Portugues

Povo: em busca de um conceito L. Boff

Dilma e a batalha perdida! A. Borges

A crise é hídrica, não energética R. Malvezzi

O fórum dos donos do mundo C. Grzybowski

Camponeses: mais além da convivência com o capital H. de Carvalho

Lula visita escola do MST M. Lima

A crítica das armas A. Bogo


  Nouvelles en Français

Alerte sur la campagne de ‘déstabilisation’ contre le gouvernement argentin . REDH

Des enveloppes distribuées à des journalistes accrédités au palais présidentiel suscitent protestations et remous . AlterPresse

Pourquoi le socialisme au Venezuela ? E. Jaua


  Neuigkeiten auf Deutsch

Papst Franziskus hat neue Gesprächspartner N. Arntz

Peking, der asiatische Untergang des post-Bretton Woods A. Noyola Rodríguez


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