The Meat which is Devouring the Planet

As well as devouring and poisoning our land, water and forests, the multinational animal breeding industry is making us ill. By Silvia Ribeiro. (30/08/2014)

Brazil: Popular Plebiscite and Cry of the Excluded

They are the voice and the time of the People, that want to change the political system and open alternative paths to “a new way to do politics”. By Marcos Sassatelli (29/08/2014)

Illegal economies and territoriality in Latin America

What is certain is that there exists an important monetary mass coming from illicit markets. By Fernando Carrión M. (27/08/2014)

The Geopolitics of Communication, and Integration: in debate

The disconnect between communication and integration was discussed at an international round table. By ALAI. (25/08/2014)

The tragedy of the private

The failure of privatisation has led to notorious scandals. By Hilary Wainwright. (20/08/2014)

The sanctions imposed on Russia

The US is closing its claws on all the interests based on the military industrial complex, big pharma and the dollar and petroleum, to uphold their currency. By Carlos Rang. (18/08/2014)

  What's New

The Guns of August  A. Goodman

Now That The Guns Have Been Silenced  A. Ben-Meir

EE.UU: Ferguson as a preview of worse things to come  M. Yepe

EE.UU: Police Killing of Kajieme Powell Was Another Crime That Should Be Investigated  M. Weisbrot

A Lesson Israel and Hamas Should Remember  A. Ben-Meir

Ecuador: Two years on, Julian Assange is still a prisoner of process  R. Patiño

Argentina,EE.UU: Vultures who fly from Washington  M. Yepe

The Caliphate vs. Everyone Else  I. Wallerstein

EE.UU: Back In Iraq: We Only Want To Save You  D. Schechter

Development and harmony with mother earth  R. Orellana Halkyer


  Novedades en Español

Retos de la era digital para América Latina y el Caribe S. Burch

Mercosur: el largo y difícil camino de la integración A. Noyola Rodríguez

Brasil: Plebiscito Popular y Grito de los Excluidos M. Sassatelli

Comienza el foro de San Pablo en La Paz J. Karg

Las relaciones Internacionales, la ONU e Inter Press Service R. Savio

Geopolítica de la comunicación e integración, en debate . ALAI

La construcción del Canal de Panamá y su gente M. Gandásegui, h.


  Novidades em Portugues

Marina abre o jogo e diz a que veio E. Sader

Movimentos farão semana de luta por reformas no sistema político H. Martins

Plebiscito Popular e Grito dos Excluídos M. Sassatelli

Vargas morreu lá em casa F. Betto

FNDC lança carta-compromisso aos candidatos . FNDC

A guerrilha das mídias alternativas A. Borges

A fase demente do totalitarismo neoliberal  A. Rabilotta


  Nouvelles en Français

La situation des migrantes et migrants d’Haïti au Brésil . AlterPresse

Les aides massives des banques centrales aux grandes banques privées E. Toussaint

MINUSTAH: lorsque l’occupation est une violation des droits de l’homme I. Fresnillo


  Neuigkeiten auf Deutsch

Herausforderungen für die zweite Regierungszeit der FMLN R. Pineda

Die Ära des Petro-Yuan O. Ugarteche


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