JNC Response to NetMundial Outcome Document

All the issues that President Dilma highlighted in her UN speech are missing from the current draft that is being placed before the NetMundial conference. By JNC. (21/04/2014)

“Post-democratic” Internet Governance

There has been a subtle shift from "multistakeholderism" as a framework for consultation to presenting it as the model for Internet Governance decisions. By Michael Gurstein. (17/04/2014)

How can Internet be De-monopolized?

Internet is the object of both intense commercialization and aggressive interest by military, national security, intelligence and police agencies. Sally Burch interviews Robert McChesney. (16/04/2014)

Information Flow and Power

Information flow is not a neutral phenomenon. It is related to the movement of power through a society. For self-determination you need true information. By Julian Assange. (15/04/2014)

USA: neither recovery nor inflation

The Fed has begun to taper the monetary stimulus even as there is no sustained recovery of GDP nor a lowering of unemployment, and they face risks of deflation. By Oscar Ugarteche and Ariel Noyola Rodríguez. (13/04/2014)

Power and democracy on the Net

The attempt to fix the multistakeholder model as the standard for all areas of Internet governance could be an attempt extend it to other areas of global governance. By Sally Burch. (11/04/2014)

  What's New

Notes for a Russian Business perspective  U. Mazzei

EE.UU: The Hedge Fund Managers Tax Break: Because Wall Streeters Want Your Money  D. Baker

Delhi Declaration for a Just and Equitable Internet  . Just Net Coalition

EE.UU: The worst "friend" of multilateralism: USA - The standstill of the global economic governance  J. Valls Xercavins

Venezuela: Human Rights Watch Should Stick to the Facts on Venezuela  M. Weisbrot

Investor Treaties in Trouble  M. Khor

Mexico: On Mexican Isthmus, Indigenous Communities Oppose Massive Energy Projects  S. Navarro

Brasil: Brazil’s World Cup Security Turns Repressive  R. Zibechi

A matter of life and death  M. Khor

CostaRica: Lessons from the Costa Rican Elections  L. Carlsen


  Novedades en Español

No es el día mundial de la Tierra, es el Día Mundial de Nuestra Única Madre Tierra O. Itzamná

Hacia una Internet justa y equitativa P. Purkayastha

El Gabo se queda en Macondo C. Bohórquez

Internacionalismo campesino E. Vivas

Brasil: Una ocupación Mundial R. Zibechi

¿Cómo desmonopolizar Internet? S. Burch

La gobernanza “posdemocrática” de Internet M. Gurstein


  Novidades em Portugues

O futuro da rede em debate L. Costa

1967 latinoamericano: o Gabo e o Che E. Sader

A desinformação como estratégia L. Costa

A. Latina: frente às ameaças de desestabilização J. Afonso

As mentiras sobre a censura da mídia na Venezuela  M. Weisbrot

Greve geral e otras cositas  E. Nepomuceno

Marco Civil da Internet B. Barbosa


  Nouvelles en Français

Un an de présidence Maduro M. Ferrugi

Les barrios ne descendent pas E. Diaz Rangel

Via Campesina: L’internationalisme paysan E. Vivas


  Neuigkeiten auf Deutsch

Die Ära des Petro-Yuan O. Ugarteche

Botschaft der Straßen F. Betto


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