The Caravan Has Set Out for a Neo-liberal Capture of Global Governance

A new chapter in global governance has been opened with the launch of the NetMundial Initiative at the World Economic Forum. By Just Net Coalition. (17/11/2014)

Why global Internet governance must matter to social justice activists

Internet governance determines in whose interests ultimately this new and evolving communication space will operate. By Sean Ó Siochrú et al. (14/11/2014)

New Priorities for South American Integration

On the social front, inclusion; on the economic front, competitiveness; and on the political front, citizens’ security. By ALAI. (13/11/2014)

Impressions of a historic encounter

It is hardly usual for the Pope to call a World Meeting of Popular Movements, in the Vatican, with organizations of the excluded. By Ignacio Ramonet (30/10/2014)

Lula’s Brazil will carry on

In the face of the neo-liberal model, for the fourth time, the model Lula began has been reafirmed. By Emir Sader. (28/10/2014)

World-wide popular movements to meet with the Pope

The Meeting will consider the systematic and structural causes of marginality. By Osvaldo León. (25/10/2014)

  What's New

Argentina: The judge who took an economy hostage  M. Weisbrot

Mexico: Disappeared Youth Spark Protests in Mexico’s Worst Political Crisis in Decades  L. Carlsen

EE.UU: NATO: Danger to world peace  I. Wallerstein

Climate: is the US-China announcement historic? Not really  M. Combes

Deepening TNCs gains from the WTO  M. Malig

Comment on IPCC’s Final Climate Report  M. Khor

We’ve got our eye on you  D. Schiller

The Anti-socialist origins of Big Data  G. Grandin

A.Latina: What will it take to go beyond extractivism?  F. Fuentes

Brasil,Uruguay: Why the Left continues to win in Latin America  G. Grandin


  Novedades en Español

México en el día de la revolución O. Ugarteche

El “partnership” entre Ongs y sociedades transnacionales A. Teitelbaum

Justicia Climática en la COP 20 L. Hallazi

Un hombre de fe R. Zibechi

Al fin nadie es inocente G. Honty

Movimientos populares en el Vaticano: Articulando alianzas O. León

Colombia: Justicia indígena M. Castaño H.


  Novidades em Portugues

O PT tem de comemorar a vitória F. Souza

Regulação da mídia agita o Uruguai A. Borges

O governo Dilma e a conjuntura R. Pont

Governo Dilma e direita se movimentam no tabuleiro M. Stédile

Brasil - A cigarra e a formiga: fábula petista F. Betto

Brasil: Sem comunicação B. Almeida

Brasil: A política por outros meios A. Bogo


  Nouvelles en Français

La corruption rose et les fonds PetroCaribe (5) L. Péan

La corruption rose et les fonds PetroCaribe (4) L. Péan

Les mensonges théoriques de la Banque mondiale E. Toussaint


  Neuigkeiten auf Deutsch

Peking, der asiatische Untergang des post-Bretton Woods A. Noyola Rodríguez

Wahlen: Warum gewann Evo? A. Boron


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