• Financialisation means that money invades everywhere. That speculative capital is hegemonic.  Banks thrive on the buying and selling of papers.

       Emir Sader
  • The much-announced economic deceleration of 2014-2015 has arrived with the foreseen signs of social chaos in all of Latin America.

       Oscar Ugarteche
  • There is a great gap in the knowledge of how genetic modification affects the biology of maize and the impact it has on the biodiversity and on the health of the people of Mexico.

       Silvia Ribeiro
  • Washington is developing these plans even though the Constitution of Panama forbids the organization of armed forces in the country.

       Marco A. Gandásegui, hijo
  • The re-establishment of diplomatic relations marks the end of a ferocious asymmetric war between the neighbouring countries and represents a clear victory for the Caribbean nation.

       Manuel E. Yepe

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